I’m Jeremy Kun. I’m currently a staff software engineer at Google and I live in Portland, Oregon.

Elsewhere on the internet


In 2018 I published A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics.

Currently I’m working on Practical Math for Programmers: A Tour of Math in Production Software.


I earned a PhD in mathematics from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where my advisor was Lev Reyzin. Here’s a long thing I wrote about my graduate school experience. I did my undergraduate degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in mathematics and computer science. I attended the Budapest Semesters in mathematics program.


See Google Scholar and blogs about my papers.


After my PhD I made the mistake of working for a Bitcoin startup for almost two years. Then I spent 5 years doing data center supply chain planning and optimization at Google. As of 2023 I work at Google on the Phazon team, which builds Fully Homomorphic Encryption tools such as the HEIR compiler.

Blog Organization

I usually reserve this blog for technical material. General audience writing goes in a newsletter and in one-off articles (see this historical archive).

Main Content” posts contain software, while “Primers” are usually math-only. “Shortform” are for threads or small notes I would post on social media, but now post here and syndicate to various platforms. All source code used in making posts is available at my Github page.