I want to thank all my readers for visiting Math ∩ Programming as often as you do, and doubly thank those who are kind enough to leave a comment.

UIC's east side campus. My office building is unseen, to the left of this picture.

Unfortunately over the next few weeks I may not have time to do work as much on this blog as I have in the past two months. After driving 3,000 miles across the U.S. (detouring to Seattle, WA), I’ve arrived in wonderful Chicago, and I’m presently going through TA and graduate student orientation at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I just took my master’s examination, and I believe I did well on it. On Monday, I start with a full load of five courses with six hours a week of teaching Calculus.

For those interested, my classes include Measure Theory, Algebraic Topology, Probability Theory, and A Second Course in Algebra, the last of which puts me on course for my first preliminary examination (I believe my second will be in logic).

Alongside the pure mathematics classes I plan to take a number of computer science courses which are very relevant to this blog. Some of these include supercomputing, codes and cryptography, computational geometry, computer algorithms 2, error-correcting codes, computational complexity, mathematical theory of artificial intelligence, analytic symbolic computation, mathematical theory of databases, and others.

Each of these courses offers a boat-load of good content for this blog, and I plan to revel in the knowledge (by blogging about it and making awesome animations!). So while the next few weeks might have a content “slump” (I still want to add to the proof gallery, a much less intensive task than the main content posts), the best is surely yet to come.

So thanks again for reading. Until next time!